Academic English Support

OOOH! Online Open Office Hours for Academics

The Sprachenzentrum offers FREE Open Online Office Hours (OOOH) in English

  • Do you have a burning question about English that just can’t wait?
  • Do you need clarification that goes beyond the usual google results?
  • Are you interested in one-on-one assistance?
  • Do you have a sentence that needs to be reworded, but you can’t figure out how?
  • Has someone told you that your English writing needs work, but you’re not sure where to begin?

We offer assistance with a qualified instructor

  • Free appointments of 15 minutes
  • Assistance with academic English
  • Doctoral students, university staff and administrators can use the service
  • Video, audio or text conferencing via Adobe Connect

Appointment booking and details:

For questions, please contact:

Dr. Lucy Blaney-Laible


You have a lot to do.
Let us come to you!

We offer 90-minute mini-sessions for small groups on a variety of academic English topics, such as:

  • Presentation tips and tricks
  • False friends and other German-English challenges
  • Common writing errors and how to fix them
  • Giving effective feedback

This service is entirely free!

We also offer on-site presentation and practice (60-90 minutes) to help you improve your English in your workplace, tailored to the needs of your workgroup.

We’ll bring the expertise, you bring the coffee.

Our primary availability is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, with some exceptions.
For registration and more information, please visit: 

Coffee Talk Registration