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Our concept, faculty and staff, opening hours, and course registration deadlines (more)

Transferable Skills We offer courses in the field of Transferable Skills (SQ) (more)
German Academic and work-based courses with certification in Section I: "German as a Foreign Language" and Section II: "SQ-Modules" (more)
English Study and work-based courses with certification and BA/MA modules (more)
Foreign Languages General and technical language courses in additional foreign languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish and Russian (more)
E-Learning Offerings in the Media Library and ILIAS  (more)


Please note the following with regard to courses at the Language Centre:

  • Information pertaining to all courses offered by the Language Centre (key qualification courses (SQ modules) and all others) will be published on the University's C@MPUS system. 
  • Enrollment in key qualification courses (SQ courses), even in those courses offered by the Language Centre, takes place through the C@MPUS system. Information about enrollment periods and registration procedures for these key qualification courses (SQ courses) can be obtained from the Centre for Continuing Education (Zentrum für Lehre und Weiterbildung).
  • Registration for Language Centre courses takes also place through the C@MPUS system (only for enrolled students of the University of Stuttgart).  

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