Starting points for giving student feedback

As an instructor, it is often challenging to determine whether students’ errors are based on their subject comprehension, or their English use. Therefore, giving adequate feedback can be a difficult endeavor. These rubrics are designed to help you identify and address your students' strengths and weaknesses in English, whether in written or oral projects. By using these rubrics, you can save yourself valuable time while offering more targeted assessment to your students. The rubrics can also be used as a starting point for recommending the best English courses (mini-courses or workshops) for your students' needs. 

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Templates for Diagnosis

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Oral Communication Diagnosis
Presentation Assessment
Writing Diagnosis
This image shows Gretchen Chojnacki-Herbers, M.A.

Gretchen Chojnacki-Herbers, M.A.


Academic employee (Teaching in English)
Coordinator for Arabic, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish

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