Workshops for Academic English

English Seminars for Academic Staff and Ph.D. Students.

Offerings for Academic Staff and Doctoral Students

We offer a variety of FREE academic English seminars for PhD students and academic staff. We also offer in-house seminars, tailored to the needs of your workgroup, for a reasonable fee. We are happy to develop and provide semester courses according to your needs, including Academic Presentations, Academic English for Master's Students, Thesis Writing, and more. Please contact Dr. Lucy Blaney-Laible for details and pricing: e-mail.

Attention: These are seminars for 'akademische MitarbeiterInnen' (university doctoral students and university academic employees), not for undergraduate students. For undergraduate student course offerings, please register via C@MPUS.    

If you have already taken one of our seminars and would like to tell us your opinion, please send an e-mail to Dr. Lucy Blaney-Laible.

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If you are interested in other types of courses, please see our offerings on C@MPUS for undergraduates, or contact Dr. Lucy Blaney-Laible: e-mail

Contact Person for Academic English Workshops

This image shows Lucy Blaney-Laible

Lucy Blaney-Laible


Head of the Language Center
Portuguese/Spanish Language Coordinator

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