English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) & Lehrwerkstatt

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English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) & Lehrwerkstatt

The ability to teach in English is an indispensable skill in the academic marketplace. In this program, EMI Navigator, university instructors will learn methods for lecturing competently in English while considering how to establish clear standards that take cultural differences into account. This program is not meant to interfere with your teaching methods. On the contrary, we will work together to adapt your teaching materials for an English-speaking international audience. You bring the subject knowledge, and we provide the language and intercultural competence so that you and your students can have the best possible communication.

Our program  - EMI Navigator | Helping you do your best teaching in English - supports you as you adapt your teaching content into English:

  • Adjusting your course materials to an English-speaking international audience
    • Making your presentations accessible and understandable*
    • Lecturing in English in a clear way
  • Communicating clear expectations (deadlines, project instructions, evaluation standards etc.)
    • Giving effective feedback on oral and written projects using our easy-to-adapt rubrics
  • Holding office hours
    • Dealing with difficult questions
    • Giving constructive feedback
  • Teaching with intercultural competence
    • Dealing with disagreement and controversy
    • Fostering comprehension and active participation in the classroom
  • Setting clear academic integrity standards (plagiarism and fraud) for students of various cultural backgrounds

Please feel free to contact me, Gretchen Chojnacki-Herbers, if you have any questions, or visit us on our ILIAS page: EMI Navigator

English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI)

*Please note this is not a translation service. We help you adapt your lectures/ presentations/ slides/ scripts into English

This image shows Gretchen Chojnacki-Herbers, M.A.

Gretchen Chojnacki-Herbers, M.A.


Academic employee (Teaching in English)
Coordinator for Arabic, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish

This image shows Lucy Blaney-Laible

Lucy Blaney-Laible


Head of the Language Center
Portuguese/Spanish Language Coordinator

This image shows Daniel Schäuffele, M.A.

Daniel Schäuffele, M.A.


Academic employee

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