(DAAD) language certificates for stays abroad (only for employees and students of the University of Stuttgart), UNIcert exams or ZiKiH for the application portfolio ...

(DAAD) Foreign Language Test


Language tests for study, internship and research purposes for Chinese/Japanese/French/Spanish and Russian

Please contact directly:

(DAAD) English Language Test

The Sprachenzentrum is offering online DAAD tests bi-weekly on Mondays from 9:00am to 11:00pm. If you need a DAAD test, please follow the steps below:

  1. Be sure that you use the DAAD test for the appropriate purpose (see below).
  2. Ensure that you have the capability to take the test online.
    • You have a stable internet connection and you have either Chrome or Firefox as a browser.
    • You have a University of Stuttgart email address.
    • You can send and receive images and/or scan documents.
    • You have a quiet place to work for at least 75 minutes uninterrupted.
  3. Since we cannot provide original documents (only copies via pdf), the document will contain contact information in case DAAD wants to verify authenticity. A signed, stamped copy will be available on file in the Sprachenzentrum to be picked up after Corona virus restrictions have ended.

Appointments are exclusively allocated to students and employees of the University of Stuttgart and the Academy of Fine Arts. The DAAD test does not serve as an official proof of language proficiency for admission to studies at the University of Stuttgart.

Students from other universities and colleges should contact their Language Center or International Center. The VHS Stuttgart and the Anglo-German Institute in Stuttgart as well as other language institutes also take this test, but for a small fee.

If you have taken a C1 level English course at the Language Center in the last three semesters, please contact John Nixon. Please include the following in the email: name of course, name of instructor and semester.

The DAAD tests is only appropriate for applications to study abroad, or for DAAD scholarships.

The DAAD test is NOT appropriate for English Master's, or PhD requirements. Please refer to TOEFL or IELTS for this purpose.



The test tests the following four skills:

  • listening comprehension
  • reading comprehension
  • text production/writing
  • oral competence

These four skills are individually assigned to one of the competence levels of the European Reference Framework (A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1) and the results are entered in the DAAD Language Certificate Form. It is difficult to learn specifically for the test because your global language competence is tested and no explicit knowledge is required. You can also not fail because the test only determines the current level of English.


Request permission to enter the course by Sunday evening by midnight. Tests are availavble every other Monday from 9:00h to 23:00h (1st and 3rd Monday of the month).

You will receive the results and certificate the Friday following the exam by email. 

The test can only be repeated after six months.

Tests are availavble every other Monday from 9:00h to 23:00h (1st and 3rd Monday of the month).

Yes - up to 1 day before the test.

Sunday evening by midnight before the respective test date.


Log in to ILIAS and request permission to enter the DAAD page.

The Fotos shows the AKS UNIcert logo.


UNIcert is a university-specific system for the training, verification and certification of foreign language skills.
Further information...

With the UNIcert language degree, students have better chances on the national and international job market. This additional qualification is an important advantage for university graduates in job applications and in their further career.

Students and employees of the University of Stuttgart. If places are still available, students of other universities and guest students are able to participate.


Language Level Certificate SWS* Exam
Chinese* Basis General Language 20  
  I General Language 12  
English III Science and Technology
10 x
Italian I General Language 12  
Japanese* Basis General Language 20  
  I General Language 12  
Portuguese I General Language 12  
Spanish I General Language 12  
  II General Language 8  
Russian Basis General Language 12  
  I General Language 6  


*SWS=semester hours per week

UNIcert-Level + Learning Objectives and Content


The learning objectives of this preliminary level are based on level A2.
The aim of this level is to enable students to participate in a simple and direct exchange of information in routine situations. Participants can use simple linguistic means to provide information or information on selected topics of direct relevance (e.g. origin, education, studies, family, immediate environment). They have basic intercultural skills.


The learning objectives of this level are based on level B1.

The aim of this level is to enable students to cope adequately with everyday situations using simple linguistic means. Participants acquire a basic vocabulary as well as a basic competence for the production and understanding of simple linguistic expressions, taking into account interculturally relevant aspects.


The learning objectives of this level are based on level B2.

The aim of this level is to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The courses lead to adequate communication skills in study-related and job-related situations.


The learning objectives of this level are based on level C1.

The objectives of this level are to understand complex foreign language expressions on topics from the respective subject area as well as the main content of lectures and discussions on the subject area. Graduates of this level have the linguistic and intercultural knowledge that is particularly relevant for a stay abroad and a study visit.


The learning objectives of this level are based on the C2 level, the highest level.

Graduates of this level have a comprehensive communicative foreign language competence in order to be able to react correctly, fluently and adequately in all general, study and job-related situations - almost like an academically educated native speaker.

Please refer to the UNIcert training regulations for a detailed description of each level.

The steps to the certificate in a nutshell:

  1. The requirements for each UNIcert level are described in detail in the training regulations. Regular participation in the courses, approx. 80%, is mandatory. In each course a service (exam, lecture etc.) is to be furnished.
    Detailed information about the requirements of each UNIcert level can be found in the UNIcert training regulations.
  2. Application forms for UNIcert can be obtained from the secretariat and can be completed and returned there together with the performance certificates. (or download UNIcert registration form here)
  3. For UNIcert Level III: The registration deadline for the corresponding exam will be announced on a notice board. Please note and register in time!
  4. For UNIcert levels I and II, pick up the certificate from the Language Center after e-mail notification.



Next UNIcert examination dates in winter semester 2021/22:
Written examinations:
Monday, October 11 from 9 am to 1 pm
Oral exams:
Wednesday,  October 20 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
by Wednesday, September 15 at the latest
Registration form:
Download here: registration form 

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