Course offer during lecture free period

(FÜSQ-) classes with available places (including the lecture-free period)

April 22, 2024

There are still free places in (FÜSQ-) classes offered in the summer semester at the Language Center (including the lecture-free period). The classes are listed below.
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Information for students of the University of Stuttgart:

  • There a free places in (FÜSQ-) classes listed below, offered during the summer semester including the lecture free period.
  • First please inform yourself in C@MPUS about the content of the course, prerequisites, schedules, placement test, etc.
  • Students of the University of Stuttgart can register directly via C@MPUS for the course of their choice.

Information for employees of the University of Stuttgart and guest students/auditors:

  • Employees of the University of Stuttgart should contact the responsible teacher directly by e-mail, if they have any questions about course places.
  • External students and guest auditors may only participate in these courses if they already have a valid guest auditor registration with the Studium Generale of the University of Stuttgart for the summer semester 2024 and the teacher of the respective compact course has approved their participation.

This is a list of classes with spaces available in the summer semester 2024 (including lecture-free period):

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Language Center

Breitscheidstraße 2, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

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