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General Information about Course Participation

  • If you are absent without excuse in the first lesson, you lose your claim to a fixed place!
  • Course cancellations will inform you either via C@MPUS or ILIAS.
  • Important information will be published on the homepage of the Language Center under "News".
  • We are guided by the European Reference Framework (GER); the courses have levels such as A1, A1 / A2.1 or B1 / B2 and C1.1 / C2. Please inform yourself about the CEFR before enrolling for a course.
  • The offers in the field of German as a foreign language (DaF) require the completion of the level specified in the title. So find for example an event at level B2 takes place, the level B2 has to be completed.
  • Beginner courses take place from 10 participants. All other courses can start in consultation with the leadership with fewer participants or take place shortened.
  • Foreign language courses can only be attended by native speakers of the respective language in exceptional cases.
  • The maximum number of participants is between 15 and 25 participants depending on the course. In justified exceptional cases, more participants can be admitted.
  • Courses at the Language Center may be canceled without replacement.
  • Exams can, if they are not returned at the end of the semester in the course, be viewed at fixed dates and will be destroyed after 2 years.
  • Please note that a certificate of participation will not be issued for courses of the Language Center.
  • In order to receive credits or respectively a certificate of achievement students/participants must receive a passing grade on an exam, a paper, etc. Students/Participants must also attend class regularly. You will receive further information regarding course requirements in class.
    Furthermore, no transcripts of records are issued for courses which have been successfully passed at the Language Center.

As a central institution of the University of Stuttgart, the Language Center is open to all students and employees of the University of Stuttgart and, depending on the capacity, also guest students. Students and employees of the University of Stuttgart have priority in the allocation of space.

You can register for the courses online during the registration periods via the homepage of the Language Center (see registration dates).

Please note that a binding registration via the Center for Teaching and Continuing Education (zlw) is required for attending the key qualification modules of the University of Stuttgart (FÜSQ modules).

In addition to the core offerings and the expanded core offerings, the Language Center of the University of Stuttgart offers the members and members of the University of Stuttgart pay-based special offers within the available capacity. The conditions and cost rates are regulated in the fee statute approved since 01.07.2013.

At the Language Center, suspected plagiarism is also investigated and, if confirmed, corresponding offences are punished. This can lead to failure to pass the examination.

The Plagiarism Prevention Guidelines for Students make it clear what plagiarism is, point out further information and explain how teachers deal with suspected cases.

Furthermore, the Universität Stuttgart offers teachers a guide on how to deal with plagiarism and attempted deception. Students will also find important information on how to write a correct scientific paper while avoiding plagiarism.

Under the following link the Universität Stuttgart has compiled the most important information on how to deal with plagiarism and attempted deception.

Dealing with plagiarism and attempted deception

On March 2, 2020, the administrative council of the University of Stuttgart adopted the following administrative and user regulations for the Language Center of the University of Stuttgart.

Contact Information


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