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Here you will find all of the back issues of our newsletter English Revisited: Tips, Tidbits & Tutorials. This newsletter is meant to provide university staff members with informative and entertaining tips related to the English language. Typical problem areas are highlighted in each issue so that staff can hone their English skills further.


Newsletter No 2 In this Issue: Emailing
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Grammar: The Importance of Correct Email
Intercultural Communication: A Few Personal Lessons on Cultural Differences
Vocabulary: The Language of Formal Emails
Newsletter No 1 In this issue
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Grammar: Commas Save Lives!
Intercultural Communication: Reader Friendliness
Vocabulary: Academic Uncountable Nouns
Newsletter No 4 In this issue
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Grammar: Phrasal Verbs
Intercultural Communication: Cultural Differences in Presentations
Vocabulary: Checking Understanding and Seeking Clarification in British English
 Newsletter No 3 In this issue
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Grammar: Hedging and Modal Verbs
Intercultural Communication: Political Correctness on US Campuses
Vocabulary: Cockney English
Newsletter No 2 In this issue
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Grammar: Reported Speech
Intercultural Communication: Uncertainty Avoidance: A Critical Incident
Vocabulary: Say it with a Saying
Newsletter No 1 In this issue
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Grammar: Modal Verbs (I): Seven Reminders
Intercultural Communication: Writing Letters of Recommendation
Vocabulary: Writing Clearly for Academic Purposes





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