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The Council of Europe has established a special type of portfolio with the European Language Portfolio (ELP): you can document your knowledge of a foreign language based on the Common European Framework (GER/CEF) in this language portfolio so that your achievements are comparable with standards set across Germany and Europe and you can inform potential employers of your knowledge of a foreign language.

Furthermore, the E-Portfolio allows you to plan and reflect upon your study habits and progress. With the E-Portfolio, you can learn important skills for our knowledge economy. (compare Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterEIfELÖffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterEducause).

Document your language ability with EPOS and apply for jobs throughout Europe

This type of language portfolio can be created with several types of software. The free program eelp, for example, can be installed on your computer and used to print out your language portfolio. (read more information here).

The electronic portfolio language training (EPOS) was developed at the Foreign Languages Center of the Universities in Bremen. EPOS is now also available in Stuttgart for students at the Language Center and was made possible through tuition fees from the year 2009.

In EPOS, you can

  • assess your language ability (self-evaluation based on the levels for languages in the Common European Framework)
  • evaluate your language history (scholastic, extra-curricular and intercultural experience with language study)
  • document your language history in a dossier
  • set goals for your language study and plan future studies
  • compile a record of your studies


Register here for free for the E-Portfolio


If you would like to just try it out, use the demo version from the Foreign Languages Center in Bremen. User data in this demo are regularly deleted.

For more information about E-Portfolios, go to